The department develops technologies related to electronics by using intellect and resource with the purpose of solving the problems of human life and improving the quality of living environment. It holds the idea to coordinate with the development of national technology and economy, follow the world trend and cultivate excellent leading talents in electronic engineering. It takes the scientific attitude of absorbing the new to look far ahead as its foundation and emphasizes the engineering spirit of working pragmatically.


  1. Cultivate students’professional knowledge to master basic and speciality of electronic engineering and combine with practical operation thus realize the purpose of integrating theories and practice. Train students the ability of inference, analysis, innovation and integration.

  2. Practice diverse learning, educate students with profound knowledge, communication skill and team spirit for meeting challenges in different phases of life. Make them understand professional ethics and social responsibility.

  3. Broaden international perspective and create international learning environment to make student know about the trend of domestic and foreign society and industry. Cultivate them to be electronic elites and leading talents in the world.


Features and Advantages:

  1. Cover the complete electronic research field and integrate theories and practice.

  2. Boast technologies from component development to system design, micro-nano electronic science and technologyreaches vertical integration, leading the advanced electronic science and technology.

  3. Cultivate global international vision in international environment.

  4. Take electrical andelectronic engineering as well as information and communication as core; it is the domestic research institute of electrical andelectronic engineering with the longest history and rich resources, which is nearby the research and enterprise organizations.

  5. Implement large-scale integration research and industry plan with abundant research and development energy.

  6. Possess rich research achievements, supreme record of professors winning awards,the number of international journal and conference paper takes the lead among the world’s first class universities.

  7. Have the full support and rich resource of the excellent alumniassociation.


Research fields of the department: biomedicalelectronic system; green energy; information and media; communication and signal processing; electronic design automation; intelligent chip and system; electronic circuit; advanced memory; electronicmaterial; quantum electronic optoelectronics; logic element; special field.