Teaching and Research


Teaching and research laboratories in the Institute of Electronics values lab courses organization, which are used 20 hours per week and 16 hours per week for teaching labs and research lab, respectively. Taking IC Lab for example, there are 100 work stations and over 100 copies of IC design software. As a result of solid training, student of EE, NYCU has great professional abilities, which is well approved by the industry. Moreover, zodiac sharing with the science park gains well connection between faculties in our department and high-tech companies, where academic-industry cooperation often take place. As a result, different research aspects are communicated thoroughly, which provides wider learning interface. Curriculum designed by the Institute is updated to meet the trend of both academic research and industrial need.

Research areas in our Institute include semiconductor devices and physics, electrophotonics technique, VLSI design, CAD, Analog/Digital circuit design, communications and signal processing, VLSI signal processing, computer architecture design, neural network, biomedical engineering, and bioelectronics. All of them follow the current and future electronics industry demand. In addition, our Institute has an outstanding group of faculties; many of whom have been awarded their accomplishments in research. For example, there are twenty IEEE fellows in our department. Source of financial supports include National Science Council, National Defense Fund, public and private research organization and enterprises. There are about 100 research projects a year which amount to NT$140million.